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Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine 

Continuing Education Requirements for Veterinarians and Certified Veterinary Technicians

All 'active status' Veterinarians and Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVTs) in Idaho are required to earn and report Continuing Education (CE) credits every two (2) years.  That 2 year period starts July 1 in the year of the initial licensure.  For example:  If you are licensed in January of 2020, your 2 year period is from July 1 of 2020 through June 20 of 2022.  CE courses taken before or after that time period, (ex: March of 2020),  would not count toward your 20 credits.

CE courses and completion certifications should be added to your online profile by using the Address &CE Updates button at the top of the left menu.  Your reporting year can also be found in your online profile by going to page three (3) and looking for "Report Year."

The link "CE Requirements" below shows the requirements for Vets and CVTs.

Veterinarians, CVTs and Sponsoring Companies Requesting Approval for Continuing Education

Click the link "2020 CE Request for Approval Form" below.  Complete the form, save, then email to